Handle privacy requests easily

Our Data Privacy Request Management takes away the pain of handling privacy requests (DSRs). It channels, structures and filters all incoming privacy requests and provides you with a tool to manage the lifecycle of a privacy request. Save time, internal resources and money and reduce your compliance risk substantially.

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The Prighter way to handle DSRs

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Automate DSRs

We have analysed thousands of cases to provide you with an automation to manage the lifecycle of privacy requests (DSRs). PrighterDSR gives you any option to handle the general and the specific part of a DSR. Make use of the automated handling of privacy requests!

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Channel, structure and filter

We channel all your privacy requests no matter if you receive them via the request form we provide you with, via email or by mail. Unstructured data is structured by our natural language processing AI to automate the handling of privacy requests

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The complexity of requests differ and so do your needs. You can choose between different levels of support on a case by case basis so you pay only what you really need.

Not only more efficient, but also more compliant

All in One

One Tool to channel all DSRs

PrighterDSR provides you with a workflow to channel all requests through a request form to structure the usually unstructured data. Requests coming in unstructured form via email or post we transform into structured data by our AI powered natural language processing. Don't worry about the interpretation of requests - our augmented intelligence together with our privacy professionals take care of it.


Guided DSR handling

All types of requests have certain general steps in common. We guide you through these steps and give you an easy way to handle it. It starts with the identification of the data subject lodging a request, tracks the geolocation and gives you options to drop the request if GDPR is not applicable according to the geolocation or if you are processor and therefore not competent for handling the request. We also make sure, you handle the request in time and if this is not possible you can extend the deadline just with a mouse click.


All DSRs supported

Every type of request gives you different options how to handle it. We dug into the details to guide you through the options and give you an easy way to handle a request by choosing the best option for you. Here is an example: If you receive a request to erase data you are not in any case obliged to do so. You can rely on different reason to retain all or parts of the data such as a legal retention period for tax purposes.

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Three reasons for PrigtherDSR

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Prighter compliance

You can save up to 75% of the time and internal resources you would need to spend on handling privacy requests without our DSR tool (brand/name). Moreover, we take care that the way you do it is compliant and takes into account recent case law. So overall, no need to worry.

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Prightest LegalTech

Our mission is to provide our customers with cost efficient legal services. We therefore put the knowledge we gain as a law firm and external DPO into the development of the DSR tool combing the in-depth legal knowledge of our law firm together with the high-end development skills of a team specialized in IT security, privacy and Compliance. We constantly improve our solutions to adapt to recent case law and our customer needs.

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Why you should care

Have you ever heard of ShipYourEnemiesGDPR. The important thing is that customer behaviour is changing and the numbers show the awareness of customers for their rights under GDPR. Make use of such changes and gain trust by handling privacy requests professionally.

Wait, there's more!

Channel all incoming requests PrighterDSR's structured workflows.
AI powered natural language processing
Unstructured requests are prepared and channeld into PrighterDSR.
Request Landing Page
Customizable landing page serving as main entry point for data subjects.
Request Workflow Page
Data subject has to the DSR via a dedicated, secure page.
Structured identification process to ensure compliance.
Guidance when assessing data subject's eligibility to GDPR claims.
Controller or Processor
Define your role in a request and handle or drop the request depending on your role.
Deadline Management
Keep track of all deadlines and extend automatically where necessary.
Specific Right Handling
Every type of request requires a different handling. PrighterDSR gives you all options to do so in a compliant way.
Automated communication
The entire standard communication with data subjects is automated and structured via PrighterDSR.
Communication Hub
If DSR handling requires any clarification PrighterDSR structures the communication process.
Audit Trail
Export the whole history of the DSR for documentation and audit purposes.

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