The smart way to get your EU GDPR representative is the smart way to appoint an EU GDPR representative according to Art 27. acts as your single point of contact for your customers and authorities in the EU. The efficiency of Compliance as a Service provided by iuro, a law firm qualified in the European Union, located in Vienna.

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Do you reach out to customers in the EU as a non-EU company?

Welcome to the EU! helps you conducting your business compliant with EU data protection rules. Our services include:


GDPR-Rep is your representative in all EU-countries and the single point of contact for customers and authorities regarding privacy in the EU.

Communication collects, scans and forwards electronically all incoming mails no matter if from customers or authorities. No matter if by mail, email or fax.


Generate the necessary information for your website automatically and embed it in your website.


Contact us for special support regarding all issues around data privacy.

Benefits of appointing as your GDPR representative:


Free trial in the first month.*  * To verify your identity and to conduct a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check, we ask you for your credit card and transfer EUR 1.00 (Penny Transfer). We will credit you EUR 1.00 on your first invoice. Should you require other means of payment (e.g. bank transfer), please contact us.
Team size
Number of legal
entities covered
EU wide Art. 27 GDPR representative
Privacy landing page
for data subjects
Unlimited forwarding
of electronic requests from data subjects
Unlimited forwarding
of postal message from data subjects
Unlimited processing
of requests from supervisory authorities
15% discount on privacy
related legal advice by iuro
freelancers and founding
teams without employees
3h per month
< 10 employees
4h per month
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10-49 employees
5h per month
Medium Enterprises
50-249 employees
8h per month
Large / Groups
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team for an individual offer
10h per month

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