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Expert knowledge of a law firm specialising in data protection for a subscription fee that fits the size of your company.

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Dr.iur., Privacy Professional

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Mag.iur., Privacy Professional

Professionalism and expertise

We combine the legal expertise of iuro Rechtsanwälte, a specialised law firm in the heart of Europe, with high-end technology that makes the high-quality legal advice of a reputable law firm accessible and affordable. You benefit from our experience as certified data protection officers and representatives of companies all over the world ranging from start-ups to major banks, airlines and tech giants.

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Privacy Professional

Customer focus

We know that compliance can be burdensome. We are dedicated to support you in the best way possible to ease this burden by providing you with a simple onboarding to become compliant within minutes, transparent pricing without any hidden costs, the payment option and billing cycle you prefer, an intuitive setup, customization options and above all, a team that takes care of all your requests.

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Back Office

Creating value through efficiency

While established law firms think in billable hours, we think in terms of value creation. Our toolkit enables you to be compliant with the GDPR and to handle data protection requests. We utilize efficient workflow tools, artificial intelligence (statistical modelling), and automation wherever possible to decrease your costs and increase the value we provide. Most importantly, we help you to let your customers know that your company is GDPR compliant.

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Privacy Professional

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Back Office

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Back Office

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PhD, Tech Advisor