Your first line of defence in GDPR matters

By appointing your company receives the following services

Regulatory compliance

Improve your customers' trust, reduce regulatory risks and ensure compliance with Art 27. GDPR. GDPR representation is provided by iuro, a European law firm. We know that demonstrating compliance can be burdensome. To ease this burden we provide you with a certificate to show existing and potential customers that you are compliant with Art 27 GDPR and help you gain credibility and trust in the way you process data. The certificate can be quickly embedded in your website.
Sample certificate of GDPR representation.

One Stop Shop

Art. 27 GDPR compliant representative located in the heart of Europe acting as representative in all EU member states.

Privacy Landing Page

A landing page for every data subject, which works as public reference of's appointment and access point to the certificate and the DSAR workflow form.

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

The DSAR workflow engine channels privacy requests of european data subjects to filter, structure and efficiently process incoming requests.

Messaging Hub acts as messaging hub by providing services for receiving, scanning, structuring and forwarding postal messages.


All messaging services include an automatic spam filter and abuse protection.


Certificate for appointing as the representative. The certificate can be included on a website or app.

GDPR Dashboard

A dashboard to manage all privacy request and to customize the branding of the privacy landing page.

Wording for privacy policy

Templates are provided to include in information regarding the appointment of as representative in your privacy policy.

Priority customer support

The team is dedicated to provide you with quick and precise answers on all your questions.

Legal Services

15% discount on specialised legal advice by iuro attorneys at law for privacy related requests included in each package.

Business first

We believe that privacy compliance should not be seen as a problem but as a opportunity to improve business efficiency. We obsessively seek out elegant, composable features that enable robust, scalable, privacy management. Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, you can get up and running with in just a couple of minutes.