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What services are included in the GDPR representation?

You are getting a legal representative, a data privacy certificate, and a data privacy management tool:

EU Representative:

By appointing PrighterGDPR-Rep as your representative, you have a highly professional team of lawyers and privacy professionals at your side to deal with requests from data subjects and data protection supervisory authorities (SA).

Privacy Certificate:

We provide you with your own branded privacy landing page containing your privacy and IT security certificates and your privacy policy. This is your window into the world of privacy-related matters and helps you to increase customer trust and confidence by demonstrating your privacy regulations readiness. The privacy landing page also serves as an access point for privacy related requests, and verifies your appointment of Prighter as your representative according to Article 27 of GDPR.

Privacy Software Tools:

We have built a unique, specialised tool to manage the lifecycle of any data subject requests (DSRs) from existing or potential clients. This saves you time, internal resources, and money, and reduces your compliance risk substantially. When it comes to supervising authorities, we cover all of their standard requests (e.g. requests to submit records of processing activities).

Are there any hidden costs?

No, our service is offered as a flat fee and we do not charge per request from data subjects. Individual legal services and add-on services are available upon request.

How many of our entities are covered with our subscription?

This depends on the plan you choose. With the Startup and Micro plan 1 will be covered, 2 entities will be covered in the Small plan, 5 entities with the Medium plan, and unlimited entities will be covered with our Large plan.

Do you simply forward the requests from the data subjects and data protection authorities to us, or is there an actual handling of such requests?

We built the Data Subject Request (DSR) management tool to channel, structure and filter all incoming privacy requests and handle requests from millions of data subjects. We cover all aspects of the formal handling of DSRs including the communication with data subjects. What needs to be done in your database (e.g. delete a data subject), is always your own decision. The DSR tool is designed to manage the lifecycle of a data subject request to get all formal aspects right.

Is a compliance audit required to sign up?

We do not require any preparation on your side and you can easily sign up in a few minutes. If you do wish for us to guide you through a GDPR audit process this would not be included in our standard product packages and would require a separate mandate. However, as a privacy law firm we are capable of guiding you through such services, so please contact us for more information.

How responsive is your customer service?

Our team responds to any incoming request within one business day.

Who is the team, their qualifications and experience?

Please visit the “About Us” section of our website for more information on our team.

How many offices do you have and where are they located?

We have proprietary and partner offices all over Europe, especially in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria and the UK to name a few.

Does our contract with Prighter terminate automatically in the event of a data breach?

No, as your representative we've got you covered. If you need assistance with handling the data breach, our data breach notification services are available as an add-on.

Does Prighter provide support regarding data breaches?

Yes, we developed PrighterBreach to support you in handling data breaches. We take care of risk assessment, drafting notifications, and handling the process with supervisory authorities if necessary. Should a notification of data subjects be required due to high risk, we draft the text and provide a secure system for the information to be provided. Data breach notification services are available as an add-on.

How secure is Prighter?

We operate in a data centre certified in the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013. By achieving compliance with this globally recognised information security controls framework, audited by a third-party, our data centre has demonstrated a commitment to protecting sensitive customer and company information. That commitment doesn’t end with a compliance framework, but it is a necessary baseline for security. Our systems are continuously monitored and updated. Communication with our web server is encrypted and regularly receives "A" grades from Qualys SSL Labs (verify here). For transactional messages, we offer the option to encrypt them with your public PGP-key.

Does PrighterGDPR-Rep provide a Compliance Certificate for representation?

We provide secure certificates to verify your appointment of PrighterGDPR-Rep as your representative according to Art 27 GDPR.

Does Prighter have adequate insurance to cover their liability risk?

As a law firm we are required to maintain liability insurance in line with our professional regulations.

Do you offer NIS representation in accordance with Art 18 NIS Directive (EU 2016/1148)?

We do offer representation according to Art 18 NIS Directive (EU 2016/1148) for digital service providers (DSPs) to complete our one-stop-shop offering. Enjoy a consistent response without the need for coordination between different providers in cases of a security incident. Please contact us directly to get your quote for this service.

Additional Representation Offer

BREXIT requires non-EU businesses to appoint both an EU and UK representative. Get a 20% discount on your additional representation plan until December 31st and get us to cover both economic areas!